Mohawk Paper
Promotion Book

Print, Production Design

SCAD Secession 2020 Finalist
Project for Savannah College of Art and Design          
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop

Mohawk Fine Papers is a manufacturer of premium card stock, paper, and envelopes. They have beautiful colors and textures that pair with Mohawk’s strong environmental stance to produce exceptional products.

The challenge was to base the book off of something the people would be interesting in reading about as well as to produce a book that one would want to keep on their coffee table while showing their different papers.

It is a Night sky map with several different constellation as well as the zodiac constellations. Only the zodiac constellations and the Mohawk logo are foiled in gold to bring emphasis to the point that this book is specifically about astrology for Mohawk papers. The foil gives the cover a nice little interactive moment for the viewer too as they would have to move around the book in different lighting to reveal the gold foil.

© COPYRIGHT 2023 Sanchita Singh
    Atlanta, Georgia